Fluff Nuts Lifestyle

Mr. Big Bird Bubba aka The Shredder

Big Bird Bubba Heaven

Big Bird Bubba is incredible social and really loves hanging out with his friends. Everyone is expected to learn the find points of rubbing his head and ass.

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Biking Bird

We commute to work on a bicycle and in the warmer months Big Bird rides on the handlebars. He's very competitive and gets excited if other bikers are faster and pass him. In the winter time he rides stuff in his partner's jacket so he stays warm.

Life as a Cockatoo in Seattle

Big Bird Bubba Worker

Big Bird Bubba is a working bird and he's had all kinds of jobs in this hard economy. He used to be a shredder at a local law office and now he works in a medical cannabis dispensary where he assist with product analysis and occassionally does some filing. He also guards the office.

Showers & the Bedtime

Big Bird Bubba like all cockatoos loves water, bathing and a shower. In fact the bathroom in general is a nifty place... he has a tent there where he chews wood. When he's tired he poised on the edge of the toilet seat taking a nap. The towels are great fun to pull down and chew. And did I mention he loves showers? Ask Bubba if he wants a bath and he starts whining and he goes upstairs and waits for the shower to be turned on. The bathroom must be warm (75degrees) and I blow dry him afterwards, and his joy for such earned him his nickname Fluffnuts.